Why your weight loss never works out the way you plan !

Why your weight loss never works out the way you plan !

Today , I want to share with all of you some reasons why weight loss never works the way you plan it to work for you ! Usually people start their weight loss journey with the fear of never achieving their dream body . Some of us have many excuses in our mind such as

– Finding time to go to the gym

– Not being able to leave favorite food items

-Discipline to follow a strict routine

– Finding the motivation to follow it for a long term and being consistent with it

These are some reasons to name a few but we often forget that ‘EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION

Let me reveal the biggest secret that you are missing out in your Journey ! It is you and only you who has the power to control your mind and overcome all the resistance ! It is only you who can keep yourself motivated and consistent to keep going ! YOU are the secret . Your body is only yours and you have to understand what your body can take . Once you have discovered yourself and understood what your body wants you are in the right path for your weight loss journey .

I also want to share with you some very important principles that I adopted and I also want these to be adopted by my tribe so that we are on the same path !

1. START SMALL – The biggest mistake that one experiences in their weight loss journey is that they set unachievable targets in the very beginning and when they don’t see results , they are not motivated enough to continue.

I was 69 kgs when I started my journey in the year 2019 . I achieved my weight goal in the year 2020. It took me a good 365 days to achieve this transformation because I set small targets for myself and when I started seeing results I set bigger targets . In the start my target was to only exercise 4 times in a week . Once my body got used to the 4 days exercise routine I slowly increased it to 5 days in a week and at present, exercise is a part of my daily routine ! I cannot go one day without exercising . This is the importance and power of starting small .

Cannot find time to go to the gym ? Work out at home ! Don’t have 30 minutes for exercise ? Start with a small 15 to 20 minutes routine ! Cannot follow a diet ? Start controlling and try to have a balanced diet ! Some tips to start small I will be writing about each one in detail don’t worry .

2. YOUR BODY NEEDS TIME – You cannot expect to become thin in a month or two ! Your body needs time and you need to give yourself a good three to four months to start seeing results ! Do not feel disappointed when you don’t see results in the first month . You will start seeing results and if you wait for long enough time things will compound to show the transformation. There are no shortcuts to success. I

I started my weight loss regime in March 2019 and do you know when I started seeing results ? It was in November 2019 that I had managed to lose 11kgs and people started seeing the difference. Let me show you a picture of when I was 58Kgs .

3. START SOMETHING YOU KNOW YOU CAN CONTINUE FOR A LONG TERM – Lose 20 kgs in 3 months ! 10 kgs in one month ! Sounds unbelievable and very attractive know ? Yes you might be able to achieve those results for a short term but what after those three months ? Can you always lead the same lifestyle that you followed for those three months ? You don’t want to gain all the weight that you lost after putting in so much efforts !

I started with something I know that I can continue for a lifetime . Yes later posts will be about what I did but for now I want all of you to think about this and ask yourself this question ? ‘ What is something that you can adopt as a part of your daily routine ‘ . The answer to that question will be the beginning of your journey ! I could not go to the gym and exercised at home ! I could not follow diets hence started controlling my diet , I was not someone who could follow this routine for all the days in the week hence I took two days off gave the necessary rest my body wanted , enjoyed my cheat days and that is why today what I am is only because I understood what my body wanted in the very beginning before starting my journey !

Start your weight loss journey with me by adopting these three very important principles and let me know what works for you !

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