About Me

Yes this was me back in March 2019 , frustrated with all the weight that I had gained and had no guidance on what to do and how to start losing weight ! I was afraid of never being able to start my weight loss journey and achieve my goal . How could I ? I was very lazy to exercise , I just couldn’t motivate myself to go to the gym , I never could imagine myself surviving only on soup and salad . A trip to Switzerland was my only motivation to even begin exercising and start controlling my diet ! A change in me happened and a transformation took place that changed my outlook towards fitness and weight loss !


This is me Nishi Mavani, 45Kgs a confident and a happy person , feel good in my skin and can’t wait to share my story with everyone out there who is just like me and want to start their weight loss journey . I am a fitness and a digital marketing enthusiast from Chennai ! I love fitness , writing and creating content which motivated me to start my own blog to share my journey with the world.


My mission is to help overcome people’s fear and pain points in weight loss and to build my own tribe of 10,000 followers who have achieved their goals using the secrets of NishFit

Now you must be asking why the mission of overcoming people’s fear and pain points ? Both can be something very personal and cannot be controlled ?

Believe me when I say Fear and pain points can be the biggest obstacle one can face in their weight loss journey! It is not the diet or exercise but the fear and pain points that one needs to overcome to start seeing results and that is why this is my mission which I wish to achieve by creating a successful tribe of 10,000 fitness enthusiasts just like me !


Some principles that I want my tribe to adopt and follow –

Principle 1: Start Small. Set achievable targets and address your fear and pain points one at a time !

Principle 2: Somethings take time. One has to be patient and wait for their time to come ! Give your body at least 3 to 6 months time for results to show.

Principle 3: Treat fitness as a part of daily routine , like brushing your teeth.
Consistency is the key !

Only people who wish to adopt these principles will be able to see the results ! Believe in your leader, Nishfit promises to help you achieve your dream body . You are about to begin your transformation journey from today .

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