Lifestyle Changes that you can adopt for Weight Loss

What is the biggest fear that people experience in their weight loss journey ? It is the fear of changing the current lifestyle that many of us are leading which can include , Unhealthy Snacking , Adopting an exercise routine , Following a diet that restricts us from eating our favorite foods and not being able to eat outside frequently .

Also there are some common myths that people have in their mind about weight loss –

  1. Avoiding Carbohydrates and cutting it completely out from your diet will help in weight loss
  2. Completely avoiding Sugar
  3. No cheat days
  4. Exercise should be done only in the morning
  5. Fad Diets also called as shortcut diets work
  6. Skipping meals will help in weight loss

The above mentioned points are a big NO! How long can you actually continue living on shortcut diets? How long can you completely avoid sugar? Will you never eat Cake or chocolates? Will you never include Roti and Rice in your diet as they have carbohydrates that will lead to weight gain! This is something that you cannot continue for a long term and never start something that you cannot be consistent with.

Always remember weight loss should become a part of your daily routine. Once this happens losing weight will no longer be a burden for you. I am at that stage of my life wherein I feel guilty if I don’t exercise or follow my healthy routine. How was this possible? By adopting a routine that I could consistently follow for a year, by being flexible and instead of cutting down on my favourite food items having everything in moderation.

 I am going to suggest some healthy lifestyle changes that you can adopt in your weight loss journey. These changes will not feel like a burden and you will also be able to continue it for a long term. Consistency is the key to achieve your dream body.

  • The first and the most important thing you need to do is create a positive mindset and believe in yourself! When I started I was 69kgs and it almost felt like an impossible task to even lose 10kgs at that point because of these common myths that I had about weight loss. I was able to lose weight at home without going to gym or without adopting any shortcut diets by believing in me and rewarding myself with a cheat day every week to keep me motivated.
  • Keeping a count on the calories that you consume throughout the day will help you in losing weight. Calculate what your maintenance calories are. Your body requires certain calories to perform basic body functions such as energy conversion, muscle movement to name a few. The energy that is required to perform such functions is called maintenance calories. If you want to lose weight try eating a deficit of at least 400 to 500 calories than your maintenance calories. This will help you in losing weight.

You can use the following link to calculate your maintenance calories: https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/maintenance-calorie

  • Keep yourself hydrated and have water at regular intervals. Don’t force yourself to have water when you don’t feel thirsty. You can also keep yourself hydrated by having fluids like coconut water, water with Chia seeds, Lemon water and Buttermilk.
  • Walk for short distances. Instead of taking the bike or your car you can walk instead and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Always use the stairs instead of the elevator. Climbing stairs can be very good full body workout.
  • Exercise whenever you find time! Yes workout in the morning is very effective but not everyone can find the time to work out in the morning. My exercise routine is working out every evening before dinner. But follow some form of physical activity.
  • Cannot workout for 30 minutes straight? No issues! Workout for 15 Mins in the morning or afternoon and then 15 Mins in the evening until your body gets used to exercising. Break down the exercise schedule but be consistent with it.
  • Try having water 30 minutes before every meal to help with digestion.
  • Do not cut down completely on carbohydrates or sugar. You cannot continue such a diet for a long term. You body needs carbohydrates and fat to function. Try having a balanced diet. One spoon of sugar in your tea or coffee is not going to harm you! I always had my tea with sugar. I also had Rice and Roti but in moderation which was in my count of the calories that I should consume in a day. Moderation is something you need to consider when it comes to weight loss.

I have uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel describing my diet. You can go have a look at it if you haven’t already.

  • Reward yourself with Cheat Days. My Cheat day is every Sunday and I eat whatever I feel like having. This keeps me motivated to follow a healthy diet for the next 6 days of the week.
  • Try avoiding unnecessary fried items and desserts on regular week days and push all these items for your Cheat Day. Replace all Fried snacks with Healthy Snacking options Like Makhana and Chia Pudding

Makhana Recipe

Chia Pudding Recipe

  • Avoid eating anything in the night after your dinner
  •  Try fasting for at least 12 hours before you have your breakfast in the Morning.
  • Give your body the required time to start seeing results. Some people start seeing results in a month some in Three months some in Six months. But you will definitely start seeing results if you are consistent with your weight loss process. And once you start seeing results you need no external motivation for weight loss.
  • Last but not the least end your day with a good 30 to 45 minutes walk after a gap of 60 minutes of Dinner. Walking is very effective when it comes to weight loss and this will also help in digesting the food that you have consumed before you go to sleep.

Adopt these small lifestyle changes in your daily routine to start seeing the difference. These changes are nothing when compared to the results that you can achieve. Always think about the bigger picture when you feel de-motivated that why you started your weight loss journey in the first place and the answer to it will be the solution to help you overcome your fear and pain points to start living a healthy lifestyle.

If you find this post useful do comment and leave your views to help me understand you better and create content accordingly.

The Importance of Physical Activity in Weight Loss

It is said that weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20 % physical activity. This is famously called as the 80/20 rule ! I am no fitness expert nor do I have any certificates to deny any research that is scientifically proven , but what I have is my personal journey to share with all of you , who I know are just as frustrated and as confused as I was initially to start my weight loss regime and include physical activity . Believe me when I say from my personal experience exercise plays a very major role in weight loss .

I was just another normal person like all of you ! Exercise was like an impossible task for me to even begin with. Also I had read so many articles that exercise done early morning gives the best results . So it was like a nightmare for me to wake up early in the morning just for some physical activity.

Even though very early in my weight loss journey I had started with my diet , I couldn’t find the required motivation to start any form of physical activity. But Dance was something that I had always been doing from my childhood and that is how I included physical activity in my daily routine . Just put on some good music and start dancing ! It is as simple as that ! But start was all and is all that is required .

Physical activity can be anything which includes

  1. Dance workout / Zumba Workout
  2. Cardio Exercise
  3. Cycling
  4. Swimming
  5. Playing any outdoor sport (like Badminton , Tennis , Basketball)
  6. Running
  7. Jogging
  8. Walking
  9. Yoga
  10. Strength Training

These are some of the common forms of exercise that people incorporate in their daily routine . Now what is the first step that you need to overcome in order to start your weight loss journey ? Understand what kind of physical activity motivates you and what is something that you can enjoy and follow for a long term ? It can be dancing or yoga or walking or anything that suits your body and you enjoy doing.

I started with dancing ! Zumba workout is so effective when it comes to weight loss as it is a total body workout and at the same time burns a lot of calories. I would just put on some good music and dance for 30 minutes or so without even knowing the time as Dancing was something I enjoyed . Slowly I developed the habit of exercising at least three times in a week and the other two days I would just dance. I followed my instincts and did what my body accepted and that is why I could see results.

The most important principle when it comes to weight loss is understanding what your body accepts and what you can continue for a long term. If it is walking that excites you and you see that doing for a long term start with walking ! Do not get influenced by what other people say ,that this will not work out try something else ! If you keep getting influenced and listen to what others have to say you might actually never see results .


Let me tell you what was the routine I followed and when did I actually start seeing results . I started with a normal Zumba workout three times in a week. Slowly I tried to incorporate cardio exercise in my daily routine ! I started with just 20 mins routines and then when I slowly started getting used to the exercise routine I increased to 30 mins in a day. So my normal week would be like –

Monday and Wednesday – Zumba Workout and Cardio

Tuesday , Thursday and Friday – Strength Training

This exercise routine I was only able to do in the evening as I was not a morning person. So yes exercise done in the morning is the most effective but you can exercise whenever you find the time as physical activity is very important in weight loss journey. This along with following a healthy diet helped me shed some weight in the initial few months. I also developed the habit of walking in the night after my dinner . I usually started walking after an hour of my dinner and tried walking for 45 mins at an average pace

30 mins of exercise in the evening and 45 mins of walking in the night was the amount of physical activity I tried to incorporate in my daily routine for 5 days in a week and the results are in front of you . Also do you remember a very important principle I had mentioned in my previous article ? Calories that you burn should be greater than the calories you consume ! And how is that going to be possible ? By following a strict exercise routine in any form that you prefer and enjoy doing and see the results for yourself. Just find the motivation that is stopping you from following an exercise routine and try to overcome it by looking at the bigger picture. Once you do that , you are good to go and there is no looking back .

At present exercise has become a part of my daily routine . Not one day goes by when I don’t exercise ! If I am very busy and don’t find time in the day I quickly just perform a 10 mins HIIT routine that burns more or equivalent amount of calories compared to the traditional exercise. Walking after dinner is the time I take out for myself in the day and that is how important exercise is to me ! Once you get accustomed to the routine you will also feel the same way about physical activity and understand its importance in your fitness journey.

Want to see my transformation picture and how physical activity helped me lose weight ?

This is something which worked for me not necessary the same routine will work for you . That is why understand what will work for you and try to incorporate the same in your weight loss journey ! Let me know if this works for you.

I have uploaded two routines on my Youtube channel –



You can try to follow these routines in your weight loss journey !

Hope this post gives you the required motivation to start your weight loss journey with me today !

The best substitute for Green Tea

How many people out there just cannot have Green Tea for weight loss ? I was a kind of a person that just couldn’t adopt Green Tea in my diet and hence I found the best substitute for it which I believe worked wonders for me and I started seeing results in just 30 days of consuming this Magic Drink !

Let me begin the story of my weight loss journey by sharing the recipe of this magical Lemon Tea which I had in the morning , just after I woke up which I believe kept me going throughout the day !

So for my breakfast I started my day with this lemon tea and all the ingredients that I used in this tea helps in weight loss that also has many other added benefits . It is said that we should start our day with a heavy breakfast and end it with a light dinner but this is something which never worked for me . I worked for a bank from 9 to 7 , and after coming back home I had to exercise . I wanted to end my day with a good meal and hence I adopted a different approach which I could follow in the long run . Listen to your body and ask this question to yourself what it wants and what can it continue for a long term ! The answer to these questions is the routine that you need to adopt in your weight loss journey .


The most important rule when it comes to weight loss is manage the amount of calories that your body requires to function and burn more calories than what you consume ! If you follow this principle a heavy dinner or a heavy breakfast will not matter . I cannot prove this by any research all I can do is share what worked for me and this is something that made a lot of difference in my weight loss journey.

Calories you burn in a day > Calories consumed in a day


  1. Ginger – Many studies have shown that Ginger helps in reducing body weight measurements and most importantly the waist to hip ratio. Some of the added benefits of ginger include the presence of Gingerol that is responsible for its medicinal nature such as anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It is also said that Ginger helps in improving your cholesterol level. Did you know that Ginger also helps in reducing hunger which is something very beneficial for weight loss.
  2. Black Pepper – Black pepper in nature in considered to be spicy . When you consume something spicy the body temperature rises. The rise in body temperature results in our body entering into a cool-down phase. Once that happens our body starts burning calories which results in weight loss. The element Piperine helps in enhancing fat metabolism that ultimately helps in shredding weight. It is also supposed to be having Vitamins A , C and K in plenty and also considered to be a natural metabolic booster.
  3. Jaggery – There can be no better substitute for sugar than Jaggery also it acts as a detox for our body as it flushes the unnecessary toxins from our liver. Also a very important ingredient that helps in digestion .
  4. Lemon – The most natural ingredient that helps in weight loss is lemon. It is said that lemon taken with hot water in the morning helps to reduce weight as one glass of lemon water burns a minimum of 6 calories. It also helps in increasing your metabolism by keeping you hydrated.
  5. Tea Leaves – Many studies have shown that tea helps in boosting your immune system and inflammation. It also helps in avoiding heart related disease.

Imagine a drink with a mix of all these ingredients ! Take a glass of water and add these ingredients to it and let it boil .Your magic lemon tea will be ready to drink . I recommend everyone to have this tea in the morning as all the ingredients mentioned above help in boosting your metabolism. A high metabolic rate will help you burn more calories throughout the day which will ultimately lead to weight loss. I personally had this lemon tea for about six months everyday except for my cheat day for obvious reasons and the results for which are in front of your own eyes.

What are you waiting for ? Go try this today and see the transformation ! They say a magician never shares their magic tricks with anyone but here I am sharing the secret of this magic drink with all of you to help in your weight loss journey .

Want to know the measurements of the ingredients mentioned in the blog post and how I make it personally ? You can go watch my You tube video and make one for yourself

Why your weight loss never works out the way you plan !

Today , I want to share with all of you some reasons why weight loss never works the way you plan it to work for you ! Usually people start their weight loss journey with the fear of never achieving their dream body . Some of us have many excuses in our mind such as

– Finding time to go to the gym

– Not being able to leave favorite food items

-Discipline to follow a strict routine

– Finding the motivation to follow it for a long term and being consistent with it

These are some reasons to name a few but we often forget that ‘EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION

Let me reveal the biggest secret that you are missing out in your Journey ! It is you and only you who has the power to control your mind and overcome all the resistance ! It is only you who can keep yourself motivated and consistent to keep going ! YOU are the secret . Your body is only yours and you have to understand what your body can take . Once you have discovered yourself and understood what your body wants you are in the right path for your weight loss journey .

I also want to share with you some very important principles that I adopted and I also want these to be adopted by my tribe so that we are on the same path !

1. START SMALL – The biggest mistake that one experiences in their weight loss journey is that they set unachievable targets in the very beginning and when they don’t see results , they are not motivated enough to continue.

I was 69 kgs when I started my journey in the year 2019 . I achieved my weight goal in the year 2020. It took me a good 365 days to achieve this transformation because I set small targets for myself and when I started seeing results I set bigger targets . In the start my target was to only exercise 4 times in a week . Once my body got used to the 4 days exercise routine I slowly increased it to 5 days in a week and at present, exercise is a part of my daily routine ! I cannot go one day without exercising . This is the importance and power of starting small .

Cannot find time to go to the gym ? Work out at home ! Don’t have 30 minutes for exercise ? Start with a small 15 to 20 minutes routine ! Cannot follow a diet ? Start controlling and try to have a balanced diet ! Some tips to start small I will be writing about each one in detail don’t worry .

2. YOUR BODY NEEDS TIME – You cannot expect to become thin in a month or two ! Your body needs time and you need to give yourself a good three to four months to start seeing results ! Do not feel disappointed when you don’t see results in the first month . You will start seeing results and if you wait for long enough time things will compound to show the transformation. There are no shortcuts to success. I

I started my weight loss regime in March 2019 and do you know when I started seeing results ? It was in November 2019 that I had managed to lose 11kgs and people started seeing the difference. Let me show you a picture of when I was 58Kgs .

3. START SOMETHING YOU KNOW YOU CAN CONTINUE FOR A LONG TERM – Lose 20 kgs in 3 months ! 10 kgs in one month ! Sounds unbelievable and very attractive know ? Yes you might be able to achieve those results for a short term but what after those three months ? Can you always lead the same lifestyle that you followed for those three months ? You don’t want to gain all the weight that you lost after putting in so much efforts !

I started with something I know that I can continue for a lifetime . Yes later posts will be about what I did but for now I want all of you to think about this and ask yourself this question ? ‘ What is something that you can adopt as a part of your daily routine ‘ . The answer to that question will be the beginning of your journey ! I could not go to the gym and exercised at home ! I could not follow diets hence started controlling my diet , I was not someone who could follow this routine for all the days in the week hence I took two days off gave the necessary rest my body wanted , enjoyed my cheat days and that is why today what I am is only because I understood what my body wanted in the very beginning before starting my journey !

Start your weight loss journey with me by adopting these three very important principles and let me know what works for you !

Fear and Pain Points in weight loss

You know Diet and exercise is not something that controls your weight loss ! It is Fear and pain points that play a major Role. I recently conducted a small webinar to explain the importance of both and to also understand what were the pain points of my audience and tried to address them ! Watch the video now to overcome these fears and pain points to start your weight loss journey today !

My Journey

Want to lose weight but lack the motivation to start ? Watch my transformation video from 69kgs to 45kgs and get inspired to start your own journey !