Welcome to NishFit

Welcome to NishFit

Fear and Pain Points in weight loss

https://youtu.be/lnTxUFseEQY You know Diet and exercise is not something that controls your weight loss ! It is Fear and pain points that play a major...
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My Journey

Want to lose weight but lack the motivation to start ? Watch my transformation video from 69kgs to 45kgs and get inspired to start your...
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Hey there ! This is Nishi Mavani a fitness enthusiast from Chennai. I have my personal weight loss story to share with all of you and you are not going to believe me when I say that I achieved this unbelievable transformation from 69Kgs to 45kgs at home ! I am just another normal person like you who loves eating food hates going to the gym , was not much motivated to lose weight but
here I am ready to share to the world my fitness secrets which I used to achieve my goals and overcome my pain points which I believe will help you in achieving your fitness goals.


If you are looking for someone who can guide you to achieve your dream body at home without any professional gym equipment and fad diets , then look no further because I am going to guide you in your weight loss and fitness journey with my own personal experiences.


Lack of motivation and following a strict diet are some of the common pain points that you lack to begin your fitness and weight loss journey . My content is focused on these points that will give you the required push needed to begin , as a start is all that is required to achieve your desired state. I will also be sharing some delicious but healthy recipes that you can follow to achieve your goal.


Read and subscribe to my content to get access to secrets of my weight loss which is going to be the only secret that you are missing out on in your journey !

Feel Inspired ? Want to start your journey from size XL to size S ? Go ahead and start reading my personal journey to achieve your fitness goals and unlock the “Secret of getting the results you deserve“!

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