Terms & Conditions

I am glad that you have decided to start your Weight Loss Journey with me. If I can achieve my dream body at home then so can you!! I was 69Kgs when I started my fitness journey and now I am 45 kgs. Yes I achieved this at home without going to the Gym or taking advice from any Nutritionist.

All the best and always remember when I can anyone can! 

I hold a certificate of Fitness consultant internationally accredited by CPD and have three years of Experience in the Fitness Field with a lot of Research and my own personal experience. So I know what works and what will not. If you have any allergies or physical conditions consult your physician or expert before joining the session and please do declare the same in the mail.

Before we start I will be asking you for your picture like you have seen my clients transformation pictures that are uploaded on Instagram. Hope you won’t be having a problem with that. I understand that some clients don’t want their identity to be revealed so if and when a transformation picture of yours is uploaded you won’t be tagged and your face won’t be revealed with your identity being hidden.

There won’t be any refund once the payment is made and also note there won’t be any compensation sessions if at all you happen to miss any session.

It is important that both of us are on the same page before you start your session with me and do read through these terms and conditions carefully before you proceed further.