The best substitute for Green Tea

The best substitute for Green Tea

How many people out there just cannot have Green Tea for weight loss ? I was a kind of a person that just couldn’t adopt Green Tea in my diet and hence I found the best substitute for it which I believe worked wonders for me and I started seeing results in just 30 days of consuming this Magic Drink !

Let me begin the story of my weight loss journey by sharing the recipe of this magical Lemon Tea which I had in the morning , just after I woke up which I believe kept me going throughout the day !

So for my breakfast I started my day with this lemon tea and all the ingredients that I used in this tea helps in weight loss that also has many other added benefits . It is said that we should start our day with a heavy breakfast and end it with a light dinner but this is something which never worked for me . I worked for a bank from 9 to 7 , and after coming back home I had to exercise . I wanted to end my day with a good meal and hence I adopted a different approach which I could follow in the long run . Listen to your body and ask this question to yourself what it wants and what can it continue for a long term ! The answer to these questions is the routine that you need to adopt in your weight loss journey .


The most important rule when it comes to weight loss is manage the amount of calories that your body requires to function and burn more calories than what you consume ! If you follow this principle a heavy dinner or a heavy breakfast will not matter . I cannot prove this by any research all I can do is share what worked for me and this is something that made a lot of difference in my weight loss journey.

Calories you burn in a day > Calories consumed in a day


  1. Ginger – Many studies have shown that Ginger helps in reducing body weight measurements and most importantly the waist to hip ratio. Some of the added benefits of ginger include the presence of Gingerol that is responsible for its medicinal nature such as anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It is also said that Ginger helps in improving your cholesterol level. Did you know that Ginger also helps in reducing hunger which is something very beneficial for weight loss.
  2. Black Pepper – Black pepper in nature in considered to be spicy . When you consume something spicy the body temperature rises. The rise in body temperature results in our body entering into a cool-down phase. Once that happens our body starts burning calories which results in weight loss. The element Piperine helps in enhancing fat metabolism that ultimately helps in shredding weight. It is also supposed to be having Vitamins A , C and K in plenty and also considered to be a natural metabolic booster.
  3. Jaggery – There can be no better substitute for sugar than Jaggery also it acts as a detox for our body as it flushes the unnecessary toxins from our liver. Also a very important ingredient that helps in digestion .
  4. Lemon – The most natural ingredient that helps in weight loss is lemon. It is said that lemon taken with hot water in the morning helps to reduce weight as one glass of lemon water burns a minimum of 6 calories. It also helps in increasing your metabolism by keeping you hydrated.
  5. Tea Leaves – Many studies have shown that tea helps in boosting your immune system and inflammation. It also helps in avoiding heart related disease.

Imagine a drink with a mix of all these ingredients ! Take a glass of water and add these ingredients to it and let it boil .Your magic lemon tea will be ready to drink . I recommend everyone to have this tea in the morning as all the ingredients mentioned above help in boosting your metabolism. A high metabolic rate will help you burn more calories throughout the day which will ultimately lead to weight loss. I personally had this lemon tea for about six months everyday except for my cheat day for obvious reasons and the results for which are in front of your own eyes.

What are you waiting for ? Go try this today and see the transformation ! They say a magician never shares their magic tricks with anyone but here I am sharing the secret of this magic drink with all of you to help in your weight loss journey .

Want to know the measurements of the ingredients mentioned in the blog post and how I make it personally ? You can go watch my You tube video and make one for yourself

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